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This was eye-opening! 

It should be taught to ALL women.

A screenshot of  LinkedIn Testimonial by Catherine Tuckwell, a brand photographer - "Wow, Mira really opened my eyes to the reasons why I struggle to be productive, and helped me understand a better way to work with my hormones on a monthly basis instead of fighting them every day. She has given me the freedom to accept that I won't feel the same tomorrow as I do today, or that today I'll be as inspired as yesterday. This is the sort of thing that should be taught to all women and especially girls as they approach puberty. Thank you so much, Mira!

Have You Been Meaning to...

Get something done in your business and somehow, even though it's important, you never get around to it?

Perhaps you've been meaning to update your website, or social media profile(s)?

Or maybe you appreciate how invaluable consistent marketing plays in smoothing out the peaks and troughs in your finances... 

But it's been hard to get into a rhythm with creating content and sharing on social media, or blog posting, or appearing on podcasts, or running webinars, or workshops etc

Or you want to get more organised in your business and keep on top of not only your client work but also marketing, admin, finances etc.

But as one person-band, it's tough to get it all organised and done, right?

I get it. I really do. 

The most effective and overwhelm-reducing strategy so far to make headway, take consistent action and complete projects e.g. running masterclasses, and sorting out my accounts, has been using the natural strengths and talents of each of the phases of my menstrual cycle.

Up until today, going through this process has been reserved for my private clients.

And I want to open this up for more people at a crazy affordable investment to complete projects, organise their business, or kick-start being consistent with a business activity before the festive period.

Feel proud of your achievements, enjoy the holidays, and end the year on a high!

All for a no-brainer investment of £97!

A screenshot of a Facebook Comment by Veronika Manzanares Alberola - "We all struggle when it comes to managing our time properly, which is a huge inconvenience for freelancers, but this session really helped me realise that there are tools we can use to limit the time we waste, and that there are times in which we are busy with other tasks, but that does not mean that we are in fact procrastinating. I really encourage everyone to watch this, as you'll learn a lot about your productivity."

What's Getting in the Way of Achieving Your Goals

The 5 most common reasons holding ambitious female business owners back from taking consistent action towards their goals and dreams are due of the lack of...

  • Plan, Clarity & Direction

    Not having a clear direction and plan of action on what to focus on and where to prioritise your efforts.

  • Time Management

    You're overwhelmed by everything you've got to juggle in your business. You get lured by the shiny new pennies and you start new projects without completing the ones you've already started.

  • Menstrual Cycle Synching

    Not taking into account the different stages that you go through as a woman each month and going against your menstrual cycle, which leaves you stressed and exhausted.

  • Overcoming Fears & Worries

    Your fear of failure, rejection and even success tells your brain to protect you by making you procrastinate, holding you back from taking inspired and consistent action.

  • Supportive Community

    It can feel incredibly demotivating when you’re by yourself and your initial enthusiasm fades, without anyone to bounce ideas off or talk to when you’re struggling.


... if you want to avoid procrastinating, feeling guilty for not doing enough, or hustling and burning out trying to run your one-person online service-based business

Brain chemistry changes 25% during your menstrual cycle, making you naturally better or more predisposed to certain types of business activities at each phase. 

Understanding this helps you focus and prioritise more effectively, so you get more of the right stuff done.

Discover exactly what to FOCUS on in each of the 4 menstrual phases and what to AVOID to make the most of your precious time and energy! 

When you tap into the least understood and most underutilised technique, unique to women, you get to make changes and achieve what you want faster and easier.

This is precisely why I'm thrilled to invite you to a very special, end-of-year, live 4-week experience:


An image with the elements of Mira Rutter's Plan a Business Project & Get It Done experience - Weekly Planning & Coaching Sessions, Get Things Done Co-Working Sessions, Accountability check-ins, Make the most of your menstrual cycle training and Practical Tools, Templates &  Cheat Sheets and Private Online Community

You can use this experience to focus on one of the following:

  • A particular important business project, you want to complete or reach the first major milestone of. This can be something you've been putting off for some time even though you know your business will hugely benefit from getting it done.

  • A marketing activity that you want to get consistent with e.g. regularly creating & posting social media content, blogs, running workshops, or guest speaking. 

  • Organise all the different business activities you're juggling based on when you're naturally best at doing them in your cycle, instead of spreading yourself too thinly trying to do them all at once. 

If you're like me, and most business owners and freelancers I know, you probably have a billion things that you want or need to be doing in your business, so picking one thing to focus on may be hard.

Don't worry if that's the case, because as part of this experience, in the first week, I will coach you and help you identify the best project/goal for you and your business to focus on.

Best of all, you can use this method in 2023 and beyond to stay organised and in control of your business so you reach your goals and dreams, without hustling so hard!

Pinky Promise - My female-centric business approach will bring you ROI not just this year but in 2023 and beyond!

Don't just take my word for it...

planning my days better. After what’s been a very stressful 2 weeks I’ve realised I’m taking on too much work and not planning my days. Mira Rutter showed us her weekly work plan which showed a lunch break, exercise time and core work time and this is something I need to adopt as time runs away and I end up working evenings and weekends which is not healthy for me or my family. I’m seriously re-evaluating how I work which will lead to a better stress free lifestyle. Thank you Mira for creating these light bulb moments."Immediately after the training

Screenshot of a LinkedIn comment by Bianca Botten, a virtual assistant – “I learnt so much on your course Mira Rutter. Doing your course was one of the most pivotal moments in my business. I’m so much happier now and that’s due to you and your teachings.”Two years later


Here is what to expect from this powerful guided coaching experience and tapping into your menstrual cycle's unique strengths and talents


This online experience will run for 4 weeks from Monday 21 November - Friday 16 December 2022 and will accommodate different time zones.

WEEK 1: Creating Your 4-Week Cycle-Based Plan of Action

Training, coaching & practical tools on how to use your menstrual cycle in your business, identifying your main focus and creating your 4-week plan to achieve your goal.

WEEKS 2-4: Implementing Your 4-Week Cycle-Based Plan

Taking aligned, inspired, and consistent action towards your goal in sync with your menstrual cycle, fine-tuning your plan week-by-week, accountability check-ins and ending on a high, celebrating your progress and achievements.


  • Get It Done Co-Working Sessions - use these as you see fit
  • Empowering, Energising & Calming Rituals to set you up for success each day
  • Supportive Community - held off social media for maximum focus!

All of this is easily worth £500 and you get it for only £97!

An image with the elements of Mira Rutter's Plan a Business Project & Get It Done experience - Weekly Planning & Coaching Sessions, Get Things Done Co-Working Sessions, Accountability check-ins, Make the most of your menstrual cycle training and Practical Tools, Templates &  Cheat Sheets and Private Online Community



WEEK 1 - During this week, you'll...

  • Kick-off with a coaching session to help you nail your focus for the 4-week experience

  • Access laser-focused training to understand exactly what types of activities/tasks to focus on during each of the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle to achieve your business goals faster, in flow, and with less frustration

  • Identify which of the 7 different types of activities are best for your project and how you want to organise your business for maximum success during this experience

  • Discover the 'pitfalls' to avoid doing in each phase of your cycle, so you can say 'goodbye' to the vicious cycle of overcommitting, ending up exhausted and beating yourself up for not achieving enough

  • Have a clear, phase-specific plan of action that you're excited to follow through with over the following 3 weeks

A screenshot of a Facebook comment by Claire Halliday - My favourite part of this week's workshop was learning about the menstrual cycle and how I can work with it, rather than against it. Tracking my energy levels as part of my cycle is going to help me manage my energy, plan tasks around those particular "low energy" days and not feel guilty when I cannot do all the things I had set out to do. I have taken on board Mira's tip on colour coding my diary (it looks so pretty and less daunting now) and no longer multitask.


WEEKS 2-4: The main focus of this experience is to take aligned, inspired and consistent action in your business

  • We'll start each week with a brief Planning Session to fine-tune your actions for the week

  • Get coaching to help you overcome your fears and concerns about taking action and following through with your plan

  • Accountability check-ins - daily opportunity to share the most important action(s) you want to focus on and report back with how you've got on

  • Ask questions and share your experiences as you start implementing this cycle-based approach in your business

  • At the end of Week 4, we'll gather to reflect on our time together, review how we've progressed and what insights we've gained from the experience. And, most importantly, celebrate our achievements!


Power-up your 4-week experience with these three epic bonuses:

  • Get It Done Co-Working Sessions

    Tend to procrastinate or get side-tracked? Join the friendly virtual Co-Working sessions to focus on your most important business activities and blitz through your To-Do list, free of distractions.

  • Empowering, Energising & Calming Rituals

    Discover two incredibly powerful rituals to set yourself up for a successful day and wrap up the day on a positive note, no matter how the day has gone.

  • Supportive Online Community

    Be part of a private, fun and supportive community (off-social media!). Share your experiences and learn from fellow business owners as you get in your flow and take huge strides towards your goal.

Take Your First Step Today!

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What are others saying about Mira's community and working with her?

Screenshot of a Facebook comment by Claire Halliday re Mira Rutter's programme – “I loved the programme and discovered so much about myself, particularly my values and have started to build my business, and life, around those values. I loved meeting all the other ladies on the programme and felt that we bonded very well as a group and were able to share our experiences in a relaxed, safe place that you had created for us. I realise that it's okay to have days when you prioritise yourself and wait until your energy levels return before making decisions that are blurred with irritability and tiredness. I have taken a much calmer approach to life and am not allowing negative factors to impact on me and when I feel a trigger I remind myself of my priorities leaving me much more positive and less anxious. I am so glad that I found this programme at the start of building my business and would recommend it to new and old business owners as everyone will learn something. Mira, I really do feel indebted to you for the positive impact you've had on me!"

Hey, I'm Mira Rutter!

A fellow small business owner, I've been in your shoes, and know HOW overwhelming it can be to wear so many hats in your business.

The Cycle Syncing method has been a game-changer in how I run my business and I want to help integrate it into your business and life, too! As Life Balance Coach & Strategist, I thrive on coaching female online service-based business owners like you to strategically manage their time & energy using the flow of their unique cycle, develop an empowering mindset & build high-performance habits so that they can take their business to the next level and create success on their terms.
Mira Rutter

End the year on a high

Don't procrastinate for another... ;-)

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Plan a Business Project & Get It Done This Year

using the power of your menstrual cycle